The health platform that creates a personalized program based on your health goals, personality, and lifestyle.

Science that moves you™

A Personalized Plan that Adapts to You

Tailored Interventions drive sustainable behavior change, giving you what you need to live your healthiest life. Our proprietary personalization algorithm maps motivational features onto your health goals and personal characteristics, and the more you use HealthStar, the more it gets to know you. Your HealthStar experience – whether it involves fitness, activity, diet, medication adherence, or self measurement – is refined as your customized feature set evolves in response to your behavior.

Motivation is at the core of HealthStar. A wealth of research shows that we have trouble achieving our health goals – the dessert too tempting, the gym too inconvenient. But research in social science also shows how we can overcome these barriers and get motivated.

Be Connected

Connect with your gadgets. HealthStar acts as your personal health headquarters, effortlessly integrating with over 200 of the most popular health apps, wearables, and devices so that you can keep track of your health information in one simple place.

Connect with others. Challenge your friends, family, coworkers, and yourself.

Connect with yourself. See trends over time and progress toward your health goals.